Workflow Support


  • Names generation
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Social media networking
  • Resume sourcing


  • Candidate development
  • Resume screening
  • Candidate phone screening
  • Admin and clerical

Information Management

  • ATS management/Data mining
  • Formatted recruiting documents
  • Reporting and metrics
  • OFCCP support

"KGTiger Solution Overview"

CASE STUDY - Resume and Candidate Screening


Bill is an experienced recruiter for a large manufacturer of medical diagnostic equipment. He is responsible for recruiting technical and sales talent for their main production facility.

In early November of last year Bill was given an assignment to fill 18 Medical Engineer positions. This, in itself, wasn't huge undertaking for him except for the fact that he had 35 other positions he was managing and family obligations prevented him from working on these positions afterhours (by the way, he was already working about a 60 hours workweek).


Bill had successfully used KGTiger in the past for research to help him fill several new executive positions.
He decided to call KG for help by reviewing resumes and prescreening matching candidates for these Medical Engineering positions.


  1. Bill forwarded the position requirements to KG
  2. KG reviewed the requirements and replied with clarifying questions, suggestions for screening questions, and source for candidates
  3. After incorporating KG input, Bill sent the approved changes to KG
  4. Bill posted the requisition and had all incoming resumes directed to a common mailbox shared with KG
  5. Later that day KG forwarded four (4) calibration resumes to assure a thorough understanding of requirements and clarity of expectations
  6. Over the next several weeks KG prescreened all applicant resumes on a daily basis and regularly updated Bill with status and intelligence
  7. KG updated the company's ATS marking all screened and qualified candidates accordingly
  8. Bill's interview appointments were coordinated by KG
  9. KG delivered a daily update report listing all screened candidates, status, and pertinent information


Timeframe: 11/05-12/04
Hours utilized: 58
Resumes processed: 1,139
Candidates hired: 16

Bill's Feedback

"My team [KG] has been an ENORMOUS help in reviewing applicants and making sure that those who apply do not end up in the ATS "black hole". The quality of the candidates that I sent to the manager all met the qualifications which allowed me to move forward from there. HUGE help and great process! It really helped free up time so I was could get to so many of the more difficult executive level positions that seemed stalled."

CASE STUDY - Name Generation

 Receipt of Assignment

The following work order was received from Robin, a recruiter with a company in the broadcasting industry...
"I now support our Digital Production team and they usually have openings that require a technology called "Vizrt" (pronounced Viz -r -t). Check out the attached resume of someone who has it. It's a good example of the type of candidates we're looking for. The positions are CA based, but we will relocate someone with the right profile so location for the search is wide open. We know there aren't many of these people on job boards, so you probably have to find the passive ones. Let's see what you can generate in 10 hours and then we'll decide how many total hours to invest."

Refined Requirements

After a brief conversation with Robin, the research began based on the following specification:

Description: Possesses skills in "Vizrt" (pronounced Viz -r -t) technology for a studio environment
Title(s): Application Developer, Designer, Ul/Graphics Developer, Front End Developer, etc.
Industry(s): Broadcasting
Geography: Nationwide
Target companies: CNN, NFL, Fox Sports, Fox News, Al Jazeera America, Univision/Cablevision, CBS, ESPN, KFMB, NFL, RT News Channel, Fusion Network, QVC, KTLA, WFSB, WTVG, Music Choice


Timeframe: 3 weeks
Hours utilized: 90
Verified contacts identified: 253

Robin's Feedback

"Harry [Robin's KG service agent], the Vizrt research you and your team did is so very helpful and such a hit!! I can't tell you how impressed my clients are with the names you found. I have overly impressed this new client group that has been struggling for ages to find these types of candidates. I'm very very happy with the results. Thank you!... Now, can you find some more?"

CASE STUDY - HR Generalist

Debbie has Master's degree in HRM.She works for a rehabilitation hospital located in southern California as an HR Generalist supporting between 65-75 doctors and related professionals.

As an HR professionals,she pride herself on being highly effective at her key HR responsibilities such as developing and implementing personnel policies,handbook management,comp programs,benefits,and the like.She especially enjoys being available and delivering excellent and timely services to her clients.

Part of her overall responsibilities include supporting the recruitment efforts for all personnel,students,and temporary employees.Having to sacrifice aspects of other HR duties because of the tremendous amount of time and labor recruiting demands really troubles her.

There were numerous ways Debbie searched for candidates including postings,checking her database,asking for referrals,job boards and more.Regardless of the means,building a slate just took much of her valuable time.

When Debbie learned abouts KG,she was hopeful.After manager approval and short trial,she now depends on KG support for all the positions.With KG doing the heavy lifting,much of Debbie's time is freed for her to move on with her HR agenda.

Debbie's Feedback

"KG handles all the up-front work,from posting,reviewing,screening,networking and documenting. Matching prescreened candidates are presented and discussed,and I even have my guys schedule my phone screens and make the database entries. I LOVE IT !! I'm exploring how I can further exploit this service so I can have more time to do what I do best.Human Resources Management."

CASE STUDY - High Efficiency User


Donald is a Recruiting Manager for a professional services consulting company located in New Jersey. Even as a manager, he carries a large req load, so he's always looking for opportunities to save time.

Looking to maximize his productivity, Donald saw KG as an opportunity to delegate his "busy" work so he could focus his time on tasks of greatest impact. He started with some research assignments, but quickly expanded to other areas. Within about 6 months he was using KG as his virtual partner.

Donald delegates practically all tasks that he considers generic work("non -core"). This includes activities such as appointment making, interview scheduling, candidate follow-up, job ad posting, applicant screening, acknowledgment and support of internal referrals, and more. Donald even has KG preparing his monthly statistical reports which includes a Powerpoint presentation.

Donald's Feedback

"Hey, with KG I'm able to drive my productivity through the roof. Rather than clicking away on the computer, I'm having high-level strategy meetings with my clients. It gives me the time to prove to them that I can add strategic value.

Back office - Examples of actual projects

Ad-hoc research Find out where this guy landed and get me his phone number and email address
Business intelligence Confirm that these three companies are looking for the same specialist we have
Company based Get me company details on Acme Motors Company
Innovative projects Find out which company have launched services like this before
Names gather Find at least 50 names and contact data of people matching these criteria
Resume mining Find matching resumes for these 10 requisitions
Talent market evaluation What are the top 20 collages that offer this specialized curriculum?

Back office - Examples of actual projects

Candidate sourcing Search our ATS and job boards and phone screen to find at least 5 candidates
Candidate care support Call 3 candidates on this req and see if they are still interested
Candidate call scheduling Get me phone appointments with each of these candidates on Tue or Wed
Candidate follow-up Call everyone due for a call today and reschedule them for next week
Event support Help get prospects to attend, and then keep everyone updated, track attendance
Interview scheduling Schedule this candidate with these 6 managers
Phone screens Call this candidate and do the initial screening for this new request
Referral tracking Call each referral I send to you and go through the referral process routine
Resume assessment Evaluate these 50 resumes and move those qualified into the req
Social networking support Capture info on visitors on this blog who mention this key word
Structured interview Call these 5 candidates, present these 4 survey topics, and then type the result

Back office - Examples of actual projects

Ads and postings Post this in 10 places and pull it when candidate flow exceeds 300 submissions
ATS support Enter and scrub these 100 resumes, and update all candidates on this list
Data integrity control Check these 26 spreadsheets against this database, update all inconsistencies
Email Management Prescreen these emails... only forward on to me if they fit the criteria
Format Resumes Take these 10 resumes and format them to our professional standard
Metrics and Reporting Support Call each manager and these 3 recruiters to collect and prepare weekly summary
MS Office support Take this data and prepare a 6 slide PowerPoint
OFCCP Compliance Support QA this EEO report each month and standardized output
Process Control Support Confirm that these agenda items and activities are occurring as planned
Profiles and Slide-by-slide Give me a comparison report for these 3 candidates
Proofing documents Review the attached document for accuracy and assure no confidential info
Report writing Write the client report for me each week
Social Media support Keep my LinkedIn and Facebook current and let me know about critical updates
Transcription(voice/written) Type up my each interview notes for each of the candidates
Travel arrangements Follow the travel support process for each candidate that appears in this file
Travel support Reserve a seat for the last train to Baltimore and let Mr. cue know my schedule