When organizations find their recruitment operations are not meeting their expectations, where hiring seems to take too long, cost too much, and deliver too little, KGTiger Advisory, Consulting, and Integration Support can help.

Direct Sourcing and Talent Pipelining

Direct Sourcing uses proactive sourcing techniques to identify and qualify candidates in support of immediate recruiting needs. Talent Pipelining offers a continuous contact-based strategy to increase the quality and quantity of candidates known to your organization for positions open now and/or in the future.

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Recruitment Research

KGTiger supplies valuable and actionable business intelligence to support the recruitment process and other operational needs. Configuration and use is determined by each client based on their needs and goals. High scalability allows any size organization to benefit from this solution.

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Workflow Support

Turn over all the labor intensive recruiting tasks (such as searching job boards, scheduling interviews, and data entry) to free in-house recruiters to focus on higher impact activities. Leverage KGTiger Back Office research, tactical, and information management support to raise productivity and deliver a greater ROI.

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