Delivers vital information in support of an efficient requisition based recruiting process. Examples of some topics and issues researched include identifying prospective candidates, building ideal target lists of industries, companies, and titles, sourcing matching resumes, compiling candidate profiles, determining talent pool characteristics, and more.

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Name Gen Output Example

Names Generation

Initial and on-going generation of potential candidate names and contact data are captured through public and private databases, social networking sites, professional association postings, alumni boards, as well as though networking and referrals. Phone based research is also utilized to gather intelligence when appropriate.

Selection criteria:

  • Typical titles
  • Industries & companies
  • Job stability
  • Geographic limits & priorities
  • Skills, qualifications, & experiences
  • Priority of sources

Name Gen Output Example

Resume Research

Often referred to as “eSourcing”, this process rapidly sources job matching resumes from multiple sources including resumes not typically available on job boards. Processing can include automatic phone screening which would produce qualified, interested, affordable, and documented candidates.

Uses the same selection criteria as name generation.
Additional criteria applicable when phone screening:

  • Compelling pitch - Messaging to entice candidate enrollment
  • Hirable description - Hiring manager plain language explanation of what they will hire
  • Screening topics - 3-5 typical phone screening questions/topics

Talent Pool Evaluation example

Talent Pool Evaluation

Specialized research process designed to render quick and valuable insights into potential talent pools to support a sourcing plan. Evaluation is rendered after gathering the detailed position spec requirements.

  • Identifies all pool determinants,such as… titles, skills, loc, travel, visa, etc.
  • Develops initial pool impression to give focus to the subsequent steps
  • Estimates pool characteristics including how many, where, how determinants impact size and access

Target titles example

Ideal Targeting

Support for effective development of targeted sourcing plans. KGTiger carefully reviews the position requirements and discusses the status and expectations with the client. Matching targets are then produced using a smart algorithm to extract the best elements. Targeting options may include industries, companies, titles, and/or geographies.

Ad-hoc Research

Access to transactional information helps keep the recruiting workflow moving. This service supports the usual and the unusual situations that occur from time to time where quick help really helps.

Examples of some ad-hock research requests:

  • "Find this name for me …"
  • "Check the price for this …"
  • "Who is the VP of HR at …"
  • "Who in the northeast have posted ads for … "

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