Full-time Research Support

  • Monthly engagement per “Seat”
  • Each Seat delivers 8 hours of production per workday
  • Work assignments are at client discretion
  • Engage stand-alone or as part of a solution package

On-Demand (By the hour)

  • Services on a low-cost hourly basis
  • No contracts or long-term commitments
  • Simply purchase blocks of hours and use when needed

Customized Solution Package

  • Based on an assessment of needs and requirements
  • Designed with mix of required services, tools, and support
  • Features may include assessment, consulting, project
    management,process, resources, and integration support
  • Detailed proposal issued contains executive overview, scope,
    duration, bandwidth, process, timeline, services, and fees

Environments Supported

Support is offered to in-house recruitment operations (corporations, non-profit, hospitals, government, etc.) where talent acquisition/recruiting is performed to support internal needs rather than the commercial support of others.

KGTiger has the experience and is configurable to support any of the following:

  • Very large and multi-national talent acquisition organization
  • Medium and large recruiting group
  • Small recruiting unit (even with one part timer!)
  • Recruiting perform by HR (no “recruiting” specialists)


Select a starting level of support and scale up, or down, as required. Using the “crawl-walk-run” strategy, clients choose where to start and evolve at their own pace. Clients engage our services in many different ways to resolve problems and to achieve their goals and objectives.

Getting Engaged

It’s all quite “turnkey” to launch a KGTiger engagement. All installation and process support to affect a successful implementation is included. It starts with a simple master services agreement followed by an engagement letter specifying the initial level of service for launch.

Questions, want more info?
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"KGTiger Solution Overview"

Questions, want more info, or maybe a call?

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