Building a Competitive Advantage

Talent Pipeline

Collection of identified (sourced) talent with whom structured contact has been established and a recruiting relationship begun.

Talent Pipelining

Proactive talent supply strategy involving the creation of a continuous stream of highly qualified candidates in anticipation of filling critical and recurrent positions.

KGTiger supports the modern recruitment system with a continuous contact-based strategy that will increase the quality and quantity of candidates known to your organization. The centerpiece of this advanced approach is the on-going networking, pre-screening and tracking of talent in your industry.


  • Planning
  • Networking
  • Relationships


  • Documenting
  • Status tracking
  • Follow-up calls


Rapidly develop candidate slates from prospect data

Why Pipeline?

To build a successful on-going recruitment process, you must understand that you can only recruit who you know. We start by building a sourcing machine that contacts and qualifies as many people as possible. The more pre-screened candidates you have in your prospect database, the more people you will have to choose from, and the more likely your clients will see quality candidates faster! Maintaining these contacts over time reaps geometrically increasing returns as the network of relationships develop and expand.

When building a pipeline, your KGTiger team can work on generalized specifications to create inventory or they may work on a group of related open positions for current and future needs. It is important to consider the timing of the short-term need, especially when the position would likely depend on passive candidate sourcing which takes time for research, outreach, qualification, and presentation.

Distinct Benefits

  • Enhance ability to brand and recruit desired talent
  • Support market decisions with intelligence
  • Improve access to a diverse candidate pool
  • Empower managers to demand performance
  • Faster time-to-hire; Reduce vacancies
  • Enable rapid go-to-market strategies

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College Recruiting Pipelining

Research indicates that on average new college hires remain at their first job for less than two years. The subsequent job tenure is longer as the new employer benefits from career focus developed during the initial work experience.

This program identifies and tracks graduates of interest during this two—year "incubation" period. During this time, KGTiger regularly communicates with these prospects to brand your company as the next employer of choice.


Hiring Manager Connect Program

Talent acquisition expects agree that networking with top talent products results. Support hiring managers' ability to network as KGTiger identifies and arranges phone discussions with top talent. Engaging managers with resumes, profiles, and appointments makes it easy for them to stay connected.

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