Direct Sourcing PLUS

Bringing the Recruiting Advantage In-House

Direct sourcing of hirable talent for tough-to-fill positions where quality, speed, and cost add up to an unbeatable value!

Qualified and interested candidates to fill difficult, critical, or highly visible reqs… or just to push more candidates into the pipeline wherever it may help. Professional, affordable, and proven sourcing utility offering direct outreach to passive talent who are often off the radar and “hidden”.

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Partners with recruiters on difficult-to-fill positions and talent pipelining.

Our Process…

Find Potentials

Contact and Qualify

Document and Submit



  • Proven processes delivering consistent results
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Low fixed cost with no charge for hires
  • Highly flexible and scalable
  • Markets and sells the positions
  • Shares business intelligence and research data
  • Experienced management support
  • Delivers fully vetted and documented qualified, interested, and affordable candidates
  • Fills the tough positions faster
  • Controls expense
  • Enhances the employment brand
  • Expands choice and coverage

"KGTiger Direct Sourcing PLUS"

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