Save Time

Allows recruiters to focus
-on high-impact activities

Manage Cost

Save, avoid, and/or
-reduce expenses

Improve Metrics

Produce better quality
-results in a lot less time

Expand Services

Raise the value of recruiting
-in the eyes of your clients

A Paradigm Shift

It has taken years of development, creativity, and fine tuning to engineer a low-cost service that can consistently deliver quality. With KGTiger, in-house recruiting organizations can now affordably maintain a level of continuous support to enjoy higher productivity and enable access to desired change, optimization, and transformation.

KGTiger - Vision

The future of In-House Recruitment

"KGTiger Solution Overview"


The future of In-House Recruitment

As other corporate functions continue to depend on time management and delegation techniques to support their efficiency and productivity, this remains an area of opportunity for in-house recruiting. Emphasis has been on improving effectiveness to drive productivity. A major change is coming as they begin to recognize the opportunities of improving efficiency. Thought leaders postulate, and strongly recommend, that in the future corporate recruiting will operate like the best RPOs. Optimization Segmentation of job functions into discrete steps and then delegating the non-core work responsibilities to the lowest cost means of quality execution is an accepted best practice for efficient production of work. KGTiger offers an affordable turnkey solution to achieve this optimization.


Optimization enables organizational change. Whereas virtually all functional areas of business operations have experienced the formal transformation processes, this opens the door for the recruiting process.