Recruitment Process Support

When faced with recruiting challenges where traditional solutions
are either not working or cost too much...

Consider KGTiger for the hunt.

Proactive and strategic solution to chronic recruitment problems...

Recruitment Process Support

  • Direct sourcing
  • Talent pipelining
  • Research
  • Workflow support
The unique combination of premier quality and affordability offer
new opportunities to raise the value of talent acquisition.

Experience the Difference


Cutting edge and proprietary, AI gives our staff immediate access to the largest pools of candidates delivering accurate candidate intelligence.


Based on years of experience and integration of best practices, our system has been proven to consistently deliver speed and quality.


Our agents serve as your brand ambassadors. We network with desired talent and develop their interest by promoting your positions.


We have proven the ability to consistently satisfy our clients even though we are often given the most difficult of recruitment challenges.

See how KGTiger can make a
difference for your organization...


KGTiger raises the efficiency and productivity of a talent acquisition organization. The service enables recruitment operations to be more proactive and strategic.


This unique mix of services, quality, and price allows organizations to operate without the ordinary constraints. Use the services to extend your reach, expand your bandwidth, and land the big fishes.


Engage KGTiger as a professional service, managed service, or both! Short-term, long-term, even on an hourly basis.

See how KGTiger can make a
difference for your organization...

Sourcing Machine

Direct sourcing in support of in-house recruiter’s on-going requisitions and projects.

Retained professional service using proactive AI based sourcing techniques to identify and qualify candidates in support of immediate recruiting needs.

Pre-screened for matching skills, qualifications, experience, interest, and affordability, sourced candidates are thoroughly documented, presented, and subsequently managed as directed by the client.

Multiple resources are assigned to collaborate with one or more client staff members to support their open requisitions. Serving as virtual full-time employees, they are an extension of your operation rather than a competing source of candidates.

Talent Pipelining

Continuous talent networking in anticipation of filling critical and recurrent positions.

Supports the modern recruitment system with a continuous contact-based strategy that will increase the quality and quantity of candidates known to your organization. The centerpiece of this advanced approach is the on-going networking, pre-screening and tracking of talent in your industry.

A talent pipeline is an investment that can yield a very significant ROI. This model, unlike other models that are designed to deliver a hire for a specific opening, is positioned to allow the client to obtain an unlimited number of hires in a fast and highly effective manner. As inventory is built and maintained, the ROI from hires will continue to increase.

Contract Employee Staffing

Contingent workforce solutions offering speed, quality, and flexibility.

Designed for filling the requirements for temporary contract workers. Using our proven sourcing engine, the right talent is offered to you at industry attractive rates. We offer both straight contractor and contractor-to-hire options.

Sourcing PLUS

RPO solution that includes Sourcing Machine plus a highly experienced recruiter.

Provides a “turnkey” recruitment and hiring solution. This end-to-end recruitment process is led by a professional recruiter who directly supports the hiring manager.

Recruitment Based Research

Delivers vital information in support of an efficient requisition based recruiting process.

Delivers vital information in support of an efficient requisition based recruiting process. Examples of some topics and issues researched include identifying prospective candidates, building ideal target lists of industries, companies, and titles, sourcing matching resumes, compiling candidate profiles, determining talent pool characteristics, and more.

Talent Market Research

Competitive and business intelligence supporting strategic and tactical decision making.

KGTiger gathers, analyzes, and distributes information about competitors, talent source pools, and virtually any aspect of a talent market environment. Encompassing both competitive intelligence and business intelligence, research supports effective talent acquisition strategic and tactical decision making.

Operations Based Research

Supports well-informed organizational decisions with timely and relevant information.

Supports well-informed organizational decisions based on answering key questions with timely, accurate, and relevant information.

In today’s information age the problem for talent acquisition leaders is not lack of available information but rather too much. KGTiger research extracts, analyzes, and condenses to fit particular needs. It is a great cost-effective way to obtain the needed information to support immediate and long-term management decisions.

Strategic Process Support

Performs labor intensive recruitment tasks freeing in-house staff to focus on higher impact activities.

To reduces workload, labor-intensive recruiting tasks are performed by KGTiger. This frees in-house staff to focus on higher impact activities. This integrated support covers all generic (non-core) workflow tasks:

  • Candidate development
  • Analysis
  • Data support
  • Reporting and compliance
  • Clerical

On-Demand Support

Research, tactical support, and information management on an hourly on-demand basis.

KGTiger On-Demand (“KOD”) - Offers in-house recruitment quality research, information management and tactical support on a low-cost per hour basis. It is used when needed. Use KOD to free recruiter time by off-loading their non-core work, serve as a buffer against unusual spikes in demand, and supplement production as required.

Introducing KGTiger On-Demand